40 Days

They passed so quickly...

40 days after Naima's birth seemed to have passed in the twinkling of an eye, so we decided to celebrate those precious moments.

Following the islamic custom of "aqiqah" we should have slaughtered a sheep or a goat to feed friends, family and the poor. We adjusted this custom to our urban lifestyle preparing supper for the men and tea with cake for the women and the kids.

I did not have much time for accurate preparations, but at least I managed to stuff some spring-inspired goodie bags for our friends. I tried to keep them as "green" as possible.

I used:

- seeds for colourful flowers to plant in garden or pots
- french almond sweets
- vanillia tea lights
- tea bags with wonderful lemongrass-ginger tea
- white flower crocheted by me
- all that stuffed into compostible cellophane bags tied with recycled ribbons

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