Persian delight - Fesenjoon

I fell in love with a beautyful pomegranate whilest passing by the supermarket ;-) .... and asked myself at home then, what to make out of it?
Suddenly I remebered a persian recipe I had not cooked for years, it is called fesenjoon and is basically chicken with pomegranate and walnut sauce. I love this combination because it reminds me of Caucasian cuisine which is very fond of walnuts... Taste it once and never forget it ever!
For this lovely dish you need 1 portioned chicken, or 900 g of chicken breast, cut into pieces.
Prepare the sauce crushing the walnuts with 1/2 l of pomegranate juice in a mixer. To save time use diluted pomegranate molasse. Chop 3 onions and stir-fry them in 2-3 spoons of butter oil or butter. Add the chicken and roast gently everything for some minutes. Now add 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/2 tablespoon of black pepper and kurkuma, 1 tablespoon of sugar and salt, then the walnuts and simmer gently it for 45 min. Stir from time to time, because the molasse and the sugar stick easily. Decorate the dish with pomegranate seeds and serve hot with basmati rice ;-)


  1. The finest pomegranate I ever ate was home grown in the California central valley.

    There is a special allure to pomegranates; their vibrant ruby color and the mythology attached.

  2. Oh, I never tasted a Californian pomegranate :-( In my country the do not grow anyway, if we are lucky we can find iranian fruits, and their colour and taste is much more beautiful than the spanish ones...
    The mythology of the fruit is thrilling indeed; that's why I chose the pomegranate blossom (Anarkali) as a chiffre for my second life as an artist ;-)

  3. Fesanjoon is my favorite Persian dish! My mother used to always make this for me when I came home - she would grind the walnuts 6 and 7 times in the grinder until it was as fine as flour!

  4. Thank you, that's a good hint! I'll try it next time!



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