Music Picks: El Dey - Maria

Sun is shining today, summer feeling around, so my song you today is perfect for a summer night party at the beach.

El Dey (named after a part of Algeria's capital, the district "Hussein Dey") is a new band consisting of four really nice guys playing the guitar and singing since they went to college together. Their music is fresh and hilarious. A song bursting with optimism and the simple fun of doing something pleasant with some friends is a rare exception; the social, political and economic situation in Algerian is a desaster especially for young people.  
The song Maria a mixture of Spanish and Algerian musical elements tells us the story you can easily understand from the video clip; a beautiful foreign girl comes around and the Algerian boy falls immediately in love with her; their story goes on via facebook, but he doesn't get the necessary visa to join her and she doesn't write anymore. As he is devastated his mother tells him to look at the beautiful girls from his quarter, and in fact he gets married and is happy. 
This short tongue-in-cheek song tell a lot about the reality of young men in Algeria; dreams of going abroad and to leave the boredom of the own country ends when the family decides to get the lad married; in the end, what can a girl from abroad offer a girl from home doesn't have?
Read a short interview here.

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