Afghan Jewellery: or the Beauty of Archaic Art

There is something so alluring and feminine about Afghan Jewellery. Since discovered by the Hippie movement no festival and no Indian Summer can be imagined without it. The heavy and still elegant pieces can easily combined with any kind of western urban chic to unleash the gipsy princess within...
I am so happy thet I found the webshop of saneens where you can order all kind of Aghan jewellery, but also Antiques and traditional Afghan garments (there will be an extra post on these, stay tuned!).
I can only recomend this shop, they ship worldwide and really fast, plus they have a super friendly customer service in English .. just ask then anything!
Plus ... shhhh, this is our secret ;-) ... they offer a special discount for all Anarkali readers.
Use this coupon code at the ceckout to save 10% on you order!!


 Are you still here? What are you waiting for! Rush to www.saneens.com!
Pendant with metal tassels
Earrings with small bells and coloured glass beads

Adornment for braids, can als be used as rings

Tikka of forehead adornement
Lapislazuli bangle


Bracelets and headpiece

Picture credits: pictures 1, 3, 5, 6 from saneens.com


  1. A very nice and brief article

  2. This is wonderful.Please visit www.zamarut.com for the same kind of stuff.I love the pieces here!!!



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