Afganistan: And Tales of Daily Life

Picture by H. Kreutzmann
Today I finally managed to see this wonderful exhibition on Afghanistan in a small but very beautiful museum of natural history in Altenburg, in eastern Thuringia.
The exhibition features three aspects of the daily life from different tribes in different living spaces across the country. You have there the black tent of livestock breeding nomads, a reconstruction of a small house in the oasis of the river Andhkoy, as well as tools and clothes of gypsies who travel between urban settlements.
Picture by Steffen Graupmann

The combination of everyday artefacts and pictures from the sixties and from today was very touching and give a holistic impression of varieties and social changes and their interdependence from narrowing resources, which in Afghanistan is prominently water.
If yo happen to pass through Altenburg until the 30th of October make sure not to miss this exhibition!

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