Joy of Dancing: Helene Eriksen or... dancing without an accent

I should have written about her long ago.
Because everything started when I discoverded her art.
My passion for traditional women dances.

Helene Eriksen is a teacher and choreographer of traditional dances of the Balkans and Islamic Orient with decades of teaching experience.
But - what makes her truly unique is the rendering of every single dance in its own character. She is - it may sound almost impossible - dancing without an accent.

She speaks almost as many languages as she teaches dances and bestows her students with dance technique, musical and cultural information around the manyfold expressions of (mostly) woman dances of the East. Yoga, dance notation and explanations of the costumes make the lessons a rich source of motivation and personal development.
Working with her is true bliss.
Find more information on her classes, workshops and Dance Tours here. Helene has many friends all around the world; so, if she comes to your region, do not miss to pay her a visit.
Picture credits: Helene Eriksen.

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