Surprise - from Japan!

Received this cute package a few days ago...

... nicely decorated with "Hello Kitty" stamps, but much more cute the content...

Two pieces of Japanes fabric with Russian dolls, called Matroschka. They will serve me as applications for a new sewing project. Stay tuned!
If you like the fabric and want to see more ha a look at kiseki's, a German fabric store (online and in Berlin) specialized in Japanese prints. So inspiring! Juliane has also a blog where she writes about her travels to Japan, craft fairs and other interesting stuff. A must-read!

Buy fabric here and here.


  1. Oh sooooooo cute!! even the stamps are sooo cute!

  2. Did you know that the word Mattroschka came from latin word mater for mother? Matroschkas became world famous after an exhibition in Paris in 1900!

    Immer wieder die kleinen russischen Freunde - bei uns erfährt man noch etwas zu Matroschkas... http://www.stoff-schmie.de/stoff-design/756



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