New Series: Joy of Dancing

My regular readers and blogging friends know about my passion for dancing, and my grieve that I had to stop aftre the first months of my pregnancy... Now my little one is four months old and my body is craving for beautiful movements with music! I have been a practicioner for fifteen years now of Folklore and Women Dances from the Mediterranean Sea and the Balkans, extending my interest along the Silk Road to India - and beyond... I get excited with the music, precious costumes and, most of all, with the feeling of my bare feet touching the ground.

I have always experinced dancing as something more than just a work out; it is a sort of meditation in the movement. The deep immersion in the flow of rhythm and melody join together my scattered thoughts and let my body feel free and full of energy after long periods of physical and intellectual tension I go through while wrinting.

So I decided to share thoughts on dance styles, events and teachers in (more or less) sporadic posts.

Today I want to start briefly with an announcement, but it means so much to me!
In september I will organize for the first time a performance cum workshops in my hometown Weimar, hopefully the first of many many beautiful events.

Fabulous Classical Indian dancers Poonam Panchwagh (Pune, India) and Anne Dietrich (Leipzig, Germany) are going to perform Kathak dance from North India...

....and Mohiniyattam dance from South India (Kerala) ...

... as well as an audacious fusion of both styles.

I got to know both dancers last year when I attended their workshops in Leipzig and I was smitten by both their fabulous teaching and friendly manner. Looking forward to seeing you!

More information about the Company Srijan here.

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