Sa Ding Ding: Upcoming CD release °Harmony° - Music of freedom and honesty

Sa Dingding is superstar in China! Born to a Mongolian mother and Han Chinese father, she sings in Mandarin, Tibetan, Sanskrit, and even in her own language. She uses electronic beats as well as floaty instrumentation played on traditional instuments like zither, horse head fiddle and bamboo flute.
If you like ethnic fusion with chill-out beats, this one is for you. In the song "Ha Ha Li Li" Dingding combines the powerful music from the region of Yunnan with influences from all over the world creating a contemporary, New Age inspired oriental fusion that trancends nations and borders.

But besides from composing and arranging her songs her stage presence is marvelous. Singing and dancing at the same time she creates a magical atmosphere of sheer spirituality. Her fan-dance is really unique! And have a look at the pictures of mindblowing costumes at her Chinese blog.

The new album "Harmony" has been released in Asia on February 1st, and will be released in Europe and elswhere on March 8th.
Watch a very interesting interview on CNN about Dingding's musical background here.
Picture credits: here.

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  1. very cool....her costumes are amazing..love all the ethnic fabrics...I could groove to this music for awhile. Thanks for showing us!



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