Kataif Homemade

I seldom eat ready made food, and so does my family ... Just to know exactly what is in there makes me enjoy my creations even more. One of our favourite sweets is kataif - you should try it it's so easy!

You need 1 packet of kataif, 250 grs butter, 200 grs hazelnuts/walnuts/almonds (depending on your taste), 200 grs sugar, cinnamon, cloves and rose water.
Unpack the dough and leave it for some minutes. Pick it gently with your fingers to separate the strands.

Add melted butter and go on working the dough until it feels soft and the butter is evenly dispersed.

Arrange nuts with half of the sugar, ground cinnamon and a tablespoon of rosewater on a first layer of the kataif, then add second layer. Bake at 180°C for 40 min.

Meanwhile prepare the syrup with the rest of the sugar, spices and a generous portion of rose water; stir and boil it up. Filter the syrup and pour it completely on the kataif while it's still hot.
Serve with vanillia icecream, whipped cream or just like it is!

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