This shopping season is wonderful :-)

This was my favourite shop in the market of Algiers... hidden in a labyrinth of tiny stores (in front of the hammam I showed you some days ago) where a woman can find anything she desires ;-) shoes, bags, scarves and dresses in the most unbelievable colours...
This shop sells caftans from Syria. I was completely engrossed by the mesmerizing colours...

... this seasons is clearly inspired by Central Asian arts and crafts ...

...bright colours and broad, mostly geometric patterns inspired by plants and flowers ...

... and extra wide sleeves, a reminescence of Chinese traditions ...


  1. Oh.. what lovely prints & patterns!! Did you buy one?

  2. No, I bought another one... stay tuned for the next post ;-)

  3. The last blue one with the embroidery is my favorite, it is gorgeous.

  4. The dresses are pretty cool. Only thing I would like to say that the length of the dress, if cut a little shorter (just covering the knee) they will look much more attractive on women. ;-)

    Sorry! Delete this comment if I have mentioned something wrong.

  5. Yes, why not a mini-version of the dress? Of course, it depends on the circumstances ... here in Germany it would look nice ;-)

  6. Even in India. Actually anywhere in the global world... But, I would say, the sleeves also need to be a little less wide if the length is to be made shorter. You may also look for Salwar Suits (Indian Dress) already made in that fashion and with that kind of materials.



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