Dangerous hobby ;-)

What are you doing? the policeman asks from behind of my back.
Mechanically I clutch my small digicam in my hand.
Have I overseen something? A police station? A military guard?
Do I look like a terrorist preparing a bomb attack?
The policeman goes on talking to me in Algerian. Threatened as I feel I understand even less than usually.
I call my husband who is walking ahead, as he knows that his wife is constantly stopping to take pictures. He exchanges a few words with the policeman who is greeting us with a nice smile.
He wanted to know why you are taking pictures from these tiles. I told him, you like them. And why these of all tiles in Algiers?
I smile back, relieved.
Tourists are not an everyday phenomenon in Algiers.


  1. wow!! nice blog.. and very nice post!

  2. Thank you Patricia for the lovely compliment!
    You made my day :-))



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