Hommage to Meidani - Old Tbilisi

Meidani is the center of Old Tbilisi, where people with different national, religious and social backgrounds have lived together for centuries, sharing their traditions with each other.
An that's why Meidani can be seen as a symbol of the world, even though it is only a tiny spot on our planet. And maybe it's a space where fairy tales are hiding just round the corner....

A friendly merchant showing his magic (flying?) carpets... ?

A beautiful princess waiting to be released from her prison... ?

Two brave young knights searching to fight the dragon... ?

Have a look at my stream with pictures from Georgia, a small, almost forgotten country between East and West, blessed with stunning beauty and afflicted by never ending political problems.
This entry wants to be a hommage to the courageous people of Sakartvelo, to their unique personalities , sensitiveness and and magnanimity they shared with me in Georgia and elsewhere.


  1. I love these beautiful handwoven carpets. Hope all is well with you.

  2. It is because of our culture we are known. had the culture all over the world been the same, the world would have been so boring. I love the world the way it is. The culture you have presented is also very diverse and unique and very lovely to learn about it.

  3. Beautiful magic carpet! I'd take a ride. haha Lovely music too! Thanks so much for being an Angel of mine and visiting my blog. Happy Valentine's Day.
    Peace & Love

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my new post. Hope all is well with you in your world.

  5. Your Blog is nice. Please update it frequently.

  6. Thanks to you all for the ncouraging comments!



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