Merry Christmas and scented gifts ;-)

Literally in the nick of time the gifts were ready ;-) I wanted to say "Thank you" to several people that had helped me a lot during last year, with the baby, with their support and so on... Finally I found a small company in Liguria, Italy that produces precious 100% pure olive oil cosmetics, pure luxury for body, mind and soul. I ordered 4 1kg bars, cut them into slices (don't ask me how many pieces I ruined until I realized that it is much easier to cut them if you lay the bars on the heating for half an hour or so...) and wrapped them into coloured banderoles which I had created just for this occasion.

Here they are all together put on a portuguese vintage tile. And now one by one:

Merry Christmas to you everybody! May you have a lovely and peaceful celebration full of happiness with all your beloved ones! Thanks for reading and support!

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