Pomegranate Magic

What about some fresh pomegranate seeds?
Today I will lift the secret of the name(s) I chose for this blog, for my web presentation as an oriental dancer and my label "Zakuro" for handmade jewellery, clothes and acessoires from vintage oriental fabrics ;-)

Everything has something to do with the pomegranate. In the mediterranean area this fruit has always been a symbol of fertility and the eternal circle of life, death and resurrection. You can see it in representations of the greek earth goddess Demeter and her daughter and it play a significant role in all kind of myths. The best known one is probably the story of Eve and the serpent, that ended the stay of mankind in paradise. We imagine Eve tasting an apple, but most probably she ate from a pomegranate, a fruit that was much more common in the Near East at that time...
But also in Central Asia and Iran the pomegranate is very appreciated for its sweet-sour taste and the wonderful red flowers. They are the name-givers for a famous dancing girl in the history of Indian Mughals: Anarkali. Her story has inspired poets and filmmakers, of whom the most famous one is probably K. Asif with his epic movie "Mughal-E-Azam". Splendid Madhubala is starring as Anarkali and from the day I saw her dancing in the film I decided to practice Kathak dancing ;-)

There is only on chapter missing in the story of the pomegranates; the name "zakuro" means pomegranate in Japanese, and for this I chose occasionally this name for my label when I started to work with silk fabrics from original Japanese vintage kimonos, carefully unpicked and collected for new projects... pics will follow!

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