Lovely Sona

I have been looking quite a long time for a beautiful Indian song to create a choreography for my Bollywood dance group. In this course I wanted to give the ladies a first insight into different classical dancing styles (Kathak, Bharatanatyam and Odissi) I needed a song that was not too much Punjabi style with bouncing rhythms ;-) Finally I found the perfect song: Ishq nachaya from Sona Mohapatra, that I want to share with you today!
Have a look:

She sings a Sufi style song from an old tradition that envelopes the longing of the human soul for god into mysterious love metaphors. The lyrics base on a classical poem by Bulleh Shah and speaks about how "Your Love Has Made Me Dance Like Crazy". Sona's mesmerizing voice is extremely beautiful and in the same time very unusual for Indian popular music. With her musicians she creates a totally new sound which is at the same time modern but also firmly rooted in India's classical traditions.

I'm curious to see how the ladies will react today when I play to them this new song ;-)

By the way, I strongly recommend to all my readers to listen also to the other songs of Sona's album "Sona". Each one is a materpiece!

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