Little pieces of happiness

About one year ago my life has changed radically with the birth of my little daughter. I learned to stay at home ;-) instead of hopping from one dancing seminary to the next. But where could I find now a little bit of beauty to add to the every day routine? I needed a new hobby - and I found BEADS! What wonderful invention, surely as old as mankind. In past times you could buy almost a whole continent with this tiny colouful and sparkling treasures, nowadays you can steal at least a woman's heart... So I began collecting shimmering freshwater pearls from China, handmade lampwork beads from India, antique Venetian beads for the African traders, Bohemian vintage glass beads in Jugendstil design, multicoloured millefiori beads, stones with vigorous colours like turquoise or garnet, or softly shimmering moonstones, amethystes and corals in rosé. And what a bliss to put them toghether, inventing stories for all the combinations of melancholic princes, glorious peacocks and the mysterious whispers behind the courtains of a Moghul palace. In the glaze of a handmade bead I imagined stories of long silkroad travels, arid deserts and dangerous mountain paths... and so on ;-) So I spent some time in the early morning, at sunrise, when my family was still sleeping, feeding my fantasy with colours and putting toghether necklaces and earrings - each one with its own story. The pics show some examples. Unfortunately the sunrise now in autumn is already too late for that; I will have to find another solution now to colour up the rainy days of German fall....


  1. u can find beauty in the smallest things and happiness in the plainest places .....im happy about ur attitude and i really like the way u write...keep going !!

  2. thanx a lot or your comment, hope to see you again here soon ;-) keep smiling!



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