Snow: and a Praise of Slowness

I am not the patient kind of girl.

I have too many ideas.

I want too many things.

I want to write a book.

I want to translate Greek poems.

I want to learn Turkish.

I want to develop my dancing skills.

I want to spend more time making art.

I want to take care of my kids.

I want to do yoga.

And then I realize that I am so slow.

Very, very slow.

And I want to cry.

And then I look out of the window

And watch the snowflakes falling

dancing their way through the air

and finally landing on the ground, completely effortless.

Tiny tiny flakes.

Yet the following day everything is covered with a layer of thick, fluffy, candid snow.

And I try to take one action at a time.

Step by step.

And then the next.

This will be my New Year's resolution:

To learn from the snowflakes.

To concentrate on every single tiny step, until I have reached my goal.

Completely effortless.

And what is your New Year's resolution?

Please share your thoughts!


  1. dear Isabella,
    thank you for this beautiful
    honest poem, thoughts, feelings
    it's lovely

  2. Dear Ildiko, thank you so much for your kind words! And, second, reading again this post which I had completely forgotten, now, almost one year later, I realize that now, pondering an agonizing decision, I need even more to learn from the snowflakes. Thank you for making me realize this.



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