Finally: My New Rajasthani Bangles!

These cuties arrived some days ago; just in time for my performance of Rajasthani Dance at the Interkulturelles Neujahrsfest in Weimar. Impressions are here; you can see a snippet of my performance at min 13.13) with these bangles.
These are traditional Rajasthani bangles, I purchased them from here. (BTW: I can only recommend indiabazaar. The order was processed very quickly and the bangles arrived nicely packed. Thank you, Ajay! ) Here you have 60 (!!) bangels, actually far too many for my arms, I could put on only 40 of them.
They look more or less like this - but without the golden stripe (these ones on the picture I had borrowed from a dear friend, Lena.)


  1. Hi friends,

    Rajasthani Bangles is new modern bangles and this type of bangles is so attractive and very unique style. Thanks a lot...


  2. Hi! I love your bangles, we are looking to purchase Rajasthani Bangles just like yours. Please let me know where you got them from- our dance is just a month away. Debbie

  3. Hi Debbie, I realized just now that the link is dead... I'm so sorry! Have a look here: http://www.mariajju.com/ Can I see some picsa of your dance one day? I'd love to!



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