Music Picks: 33a - Kari Kris

My dearest readers may be puzzled both by the name of the band I chose for today and the title of the song, but please, follow me once again to the mythical land of Georgia...
33a is an Georgian folk rock band founded in Tbilisi in 1994. The musicians around Niaz Diasamidze combine Georgian folklore elements with pop and reggae and perform mainly in Georgian and French.
The name "33a" comes from the address — 33a, Paliashvili street, where the founder of the band Niaz lives.

I heard the song karis kris for the first time in a Georgian movie long before youtube made everything available I was fascinated by the modern interpretation of Galaktion Tabidze's poem "Whirles the Wind" ("Kari kris"). This poem is very melodic with many alliterations and its magical sound is rendered by the congenial translation by Innes Merabishvili, that I refer to here:

Whirls the Wind

Whirls the wind, whirls the wind, whirls the wind

And the leaves whirl from wind still to wind…
Rows of trees, lines of trees bend in arch,
Where art thou, where art thou, why so far?..
How it rains, how it snows, how it snows,
Where to find, where to find… Never know!
But pursued, but pursued by your eyes
All the time, everywhere, every time!..
Distant skies drizzle thoughts mixed with mist…
Whirls the wind, whirls the wind, whirls the wind!...


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