Joy of Dancing: Two Performances in One Weekend

This weekend I was really lucky. I performed Saturday at the opening vernissage for the exhibition of the lovely paintings of Djamilia Hergenreder at the Frauenzentrum Weimar.

Djamilia is a wonderful painter and such a sweet person. On the pics you see me performing classical Persian dance from the Qajjar period. The little plates on the second picture are "played" with thimbles. Unfortunately my little daughter lost one of them somewhere playing, so I had to fabricate something with a ring and a rubber band to make a sound also with my right middle finger ;-) But it worked out well.

The second performance was with the "faires Frühstück", a breakfast with biological and fair traded goods to rise awareness for the circumstances of the production and trade of our daily food.
We were welcomed with fair traded roses, had a yummy biological buffet and a lot of other treats!
The main theme was "India" So I performed folklore dances from Gujarat, Rajasthan and Assam.
The whole morning we broadcasted live from the terrace - with lots of Indian music!!

The Radio Team on the terrace.
Bihu dance from Assam.
But performing on the flint (!!) was terrible... my feet still itch when I look at the pics!
But everything was so nice, we had such a supportive audience and this made me forget everything :-)

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