Chilling sounds: Ô Houria - by Souad Massi

She is one of my favourite singers: Souad Massi from Algiers. And now she has published a new album, the perfect companion when you have a few precious moments for yourself, when you curl up on your couch with a cup of hot ginger tea and contemplate the raindrops falling from the november clouds.

Soothing melodies to an acoustic guitar and Souads precious voice create a wonderful atmosphere where the soft dialect of the Algerian capital adds some mystical brushstrokes. The songs are located somwhere between folk and blues without being adversed to easily accessible pop music. "Houria" means "freedom" - but who is free? Souad herself who has moved to France in order to pursue her career as an artist, almost unthinkable in the closed society of her homeland? Or is is her music, free from labels like "worldmusic" or "ethnopop"? Or is it her vision for her fellow Algerian women?
In any case I will listen to this disc over and over again as I did with all her previous ones! And so I recommend it also to all my dear readers. Happy november!

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1 comment:

  1. Great review!!

    I really like this album.. even though it's similar to her other albums, I think she took it to a whole new level this time. It can be categorized as "light pop" in my humble opinion ;)

    Haunting melodies, meaningful lyrics, a great voice... can I ask for more?! O Houria is by far one my all time favorie albums, good job!!

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