Music from Tatarstan: Zulya Kamalova

Tatar she used to speak with her grandmother, Zulya recalls in an interview. Her last release (Tales of Subliming) echoes childhood dreams in three languages, English, Russian and Tatar.
A haunting voice blends with soft yet sometimes irritationg sounds far beyond being just "World Music".

Zulya Kamalova is one of the leading proponents of Tatar and Russian music. She began performing publicly at the age of nine throughout Tatarstan-Udmurtia in central Russia, where she was born. Having studied both music and language at the university level, Zulya chose to relocate to Australia in 1991, inspired by the nation's reputation for diversity and hoping to share her music and culture there. She released several successful solo records in Australia(...) Her collaboration with the Children of the Underground (...) began in 2003. Bringing a new level of intricacy and sophistication to the music, the new outfit made its recording debut with The Waltz of Emptiness. The follow-up, 3 Nights, released in 2007, earned the band spots on international world music charts and invitations to perform all over the globe. Zulya & the Children of the Underground have since performed at major festivals throughout Europe and have made numerous appearances on Russian stages. (Read full biography here and here)

Currently she is touring in Europe, upcoming performances are in Berlin (20th, 27th october) and Vienna. Check tourdates here.

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