Nritya Yoga - Yoga of Dance by Amrita Choudhury

Yesterday the DVD arrived... and I had to watch it immediately: Nritya Yoga - Yoga of Dance by Amrita Choudhury.
As a student of Classical Indian Dance "Kathak" and an eager Yoga practitioner I have always looked for a way to find a connection between the two disciplines, e.g. integrating Hatha-Yoga elements in the warm-up phase of my dancing lessons and combining dance technique with breathing execises. But I knew there was more...

Strolling around the net I had found the site of Canada-based Indian Dance teacher Amrita and was fascinated by her broad training program. She offers Classical Indian Dance "Odissi" as well as indian gypsy folklore dances and Bollywood style.

Fortunately (for those who cannot attend her classes like me) she offers an instructional DVD of "Nritya (Dance) Yoga" which I recommend both to yoga practitioners and dancers, because it opens a completeley new path of meditation in movement.
"The sacred Yogic dance postures and mudras (symbolic hand gestures), flow from one posture to another smoothly like dance. Slow and fast rhythmic music is used to help position the postures. Nritya yoga postures, mudra work, yogic breathwork, visualizations, Vibrant Sacred Trance Dance and meditation in motion, are all incorporated in the Nritya Yoga Practice. An experience that truly incorporates the body, mind & spirit, a form of meditation in motion that is spiritually inspiring and soulfully uplifting."
If you'd like to have a look click here.
The beauty of Amrita's postures and hand gestures is unique and makes the workout a spiritual, therapeutical and joyful experience.
Thank you!

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  1. I'll have a look right now! Thanks!

  2. Tip for you...

    Check out EAST 2010!!!



    Blog it up!!! xxx

  3. How wonderful. Years ago I was interested in the language of hand movements. Hope you are fine.
    As always,

  4. Hi Isabella,
    Your blog is looking lovely these days. You can look for me on facebook and feel free to friend me. I am following your blog there now and linked Princess Haiku a few days ago. It's a great way to network and find new blogs. Take care.

  5. Dear Isabella,

    This is Amrita Choudhury from Nritya Yoga- Yoga of Dance. Thank you very much for your beautiful email and this beautiful site. I appreciate you highlighting my work and am joyous that it has brought you joy!

    You have a beautiful site. If I am in Germany, I will let you know for sure. I don't have an ID here so I had to choose the anonymous option..:)

    Blessings all the way from Montreal,Canada.
    In joy and peace. Amrita Choudhury

    p.s. For people who are interested in seeing a clip, here is the link : http://www.ananda-amrita.com/video_test.htm

  6. Thank you for visiting, Amrita! I put the link into the post.

  7. @Princess Haiku: I love your comments, they mean so much to me. I'll join you on FB. Lots of love



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