Crochet Necklace Summer Series

Last week I created a new series with crochet necklaces. It was so much fun making them! I used coloured copper wire and sparkling czech glassbeads.

The necklaces have two or three strands and suit day outfit as well as an evening gown. The crocheted wire makes them look very airy, but combined with delicate freshwater pearls they have a very elegant and precious look.

This last piece I love best - wire is light grey and I have combined it with pale salmon freshwater pearls, iridescent white and grey czech beads and some light brown crackled glass beads.


  1. Wow!! These are lovely.. Can you please share some tutorials on this.. I'd love to try!! You are very talented!

  2. Thank you so much! You made my day! It´s too easy, next time I'll make one I will take pics and post them.

  3. Very beautiful. I must show this to my wife :)

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  4. And looking at this post, "Anarkali" name was chosen so perfectly by you for this blog.

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  5. Thank you for the kind comment, Bhavesh! Please come back often!



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