Mail from India - Chikkankari needlework

Just a few days ago this lovely package arrived directly from India :-) I love those fabric envelopes with many colourful stamps...

See what was in there...

A wonderful Lucknowi style salwaar kameez with Chikkankari, a traditional North-Indian embroidery technique. I have been looking for something like this for a long time; I saw it for the first time when my Kathak Guru wore it while she was teaching. Finally i found it - guess where - on ebay :-)

I will need to adjust it a little bit to my size

... but I totally love the tender lilac shade of the fabric and I couldn't resist to wear it at once, even if it is too big for me (see last post).


  1. I believe that you love India as much as I do. This reflects from your posts. I appreciate the work that you are doing on this blog. you have made it a very awesome blog.

  2. wow i feel nostalgic seeing this post......i used to have a collection of chikkan dresses, i miss them sooo much:((

  3. and feel sooooo good to listen to bollywood music!!!



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