Trip to Algiers II - Souad Massi

Oh, I feel so excited! Only one week has left and we will fly to Algiers!
Away from the icy rain to the blossoming spring!

While I'm preparing some presents for the big family I listen to the albums of the Algerian rooted singer Souad Massi. Several years ago I fell in love with her soft, feminine voice and her songs, where the waves of the Mediterranean Sea shine through, somewhere between traditional Algerian and Kabyle music and Flamenco.

Although exiled since 1999 in France she writes the text of her bitter-sweet songs always in the language of her homeland, full of personal memories and always a little bit sad. "If my home was a country like, let's say, Sweden, politically and socially, then, maybe, I wouldn't always write that sad songs", she admits in an interview. But, unfortunately, the situation in Algeria is still not stable.
But, nevertheless, there is no situation which cannot change. Souad has also become a role model for many girls in Algeria; "If she has made, why should't we, too?" Small rebellion starts from the decision whether to do sports or to leave home alone.

Her song "Houria" (freedom) tells us about a woman who feels imprisoned and fearful, who has suffered injustice and has no hope anymore. She is an image of Algeria itself.

When you start listening to Souad's melancholic songs, they will move straightaway to your heart. Try some here!

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